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 AAR No retreat 4 Italian Front

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MessageSujet: AAR No retreat 4 Italian Front    Dim 26 Aoû - 12:58

May 1943, Italy 's  Kesselring Headquarters

"After their Victory in Tunisia, the allies are preparing Something new, Herr Generalfeldmarschall, an invasion in the Mediterranean sea, but we can't know where."

-"It could be South of France or Greece, but Italy should  be their objective...our panzer grenadier divisionen are ready to move and counter attack any invasion beach heads."

"And Roma ?"

"Roma is well protected, the allies are not so reckless...until now…"

North Africa, Alexander Allied Headquarters

-"Gentlemen, our objective is to take  Mussolini and  italians out of the axis alliance, and to seize Roma.
What do you think about it ?"

"We just have to invade the beaches near Roma, hit the head of these SOB ...that s all !"

"Georges... the Luftwaffe and the Regia  Marina could deliver some nasty blows if our landing ships  invade near Roma withour air cover.

There are two stratégies:

Take Sardinia and Corsica islands first, to get air cover over Mainland central Italy...but Kesselring would know which is our target: Roma !
And have time to prepare against our invasion.

Or invade Sicily island… to get air cover over Mainland South italy ...see,

We could take 4 city objectives, Siracusa, Catania, Palermo and the gate ot the straits: Messina.
Enough to push Mussolini out, then the italians out of the war !"

"Jesus ! A wonderful race to Messina …"

"Humm...yes.. Georges."

-"OK gentlemen...prepare your forces and plan for it !
We jump on Sicily in july !"
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Messages : 1071
Date d'inscription : 15/02/2015

MessageSujet: Re: AAR No retreat 4 Italian Front    Lun 27 Aoû - 17:45

TURN 1  
July 1943
Week 1

The fights on the beach were not easy going, those italians were tough.

Syracusa should have been taken, but the italians died defending , the British could not advance.

The Canadians could move a little Mainland, but were stopped by another italian KG.

The powerful Herman Goering panzer divisionen, with its Tiger batallion protects the aeroporto and the center of the Axis line of defense.

Its commander is smart enough to avoid a counterattack  which would jeopardize  his unit.

Week 2

Patton is obsessed by his competition with Montgomery: be first at Messina !

He drives west to take Palermo, an objective city, and to outflank the Germans by the east coast road…
Monty was waiting his cooperation to attack the Herman Goering panzer divisionen but...nuts!
He is left alone, against the german elite panzer  divisionen ...

Monty takes Syracusa  (Viva il Duce ! becomes Finito Benito !   the italian Track is getting worse)

and tries to moves quickly north to seize Catania

Week 3

Some poorly equipped italians KG try to defend in the hills and behind some river, but they are no match for the US armored 2nd division and the 1st US.

Patton is cavalry man, he moves swiftly...when there are no real oppositions in front of him.

Monty attack on italian held Catania is a real fiasco, the italians are badly mauled but they stay put in the city

An armored task force enters Palermo , another City objective (Viva el Re ! the italian political track shows another mutation, fascist regime is in dire straits !

The brits take the aeroporto, giving the allied full air cover !

The 15th Pz Grenadier Div is somewhat surrounded

Week 4

The elite 1st Fallschirmjager divisionen enters Catania just before it fells in  british hands !

The Herman Goering comes to its rescue, opening a corridor , the 15th PZG escapes and moves north east near the aeroporto

Patton moves north and is stopped in its tracks, no easy going when you have the leite of the Wehrmacht (29 th pz grenadier div) and of the Luftwaffe (Hermann Goring panzer div).

The germans make some tactical retreat, undaunted by the famous US general…

The front is firmly held by the four german divisionen.

The race to Messina is bogging down.
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AAR No retreat 4 Italian Front
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